Helpful Websites for Parents


Media Content

1. Kids-In-Mind: Not sure if your child is ready to see the next Super Team of Amazing Heroes Destroying All the Buildings in the Name of World Peace? Here is a site that can help you make a more informed decision. They have movie ratings and parent reviews covering the content for upcoming, current, and past movies.
2. Eight Ways to Make Your Child an Active Viewer of TV: Almost every kid loves to watch television and almost every parent loves the sound of peace a quiet (from time to time at least). This article from PBS gives tips on how to get your child more involved in what they are watching. Asking your children questions about what is happening with their favorite characters is a great way to connect with them as well.
3. Nine Ways to Make the Most of Digital Games: Video games have come a long way since the games I loved to play like Mega Man and Sonic. The increase in violence, the prevalence of crude language, and the near life-like graphics make today's video games another tricky line to walk for parents. This is another great article offering tips to help parents of grade school aged children get the most of their video game experience.
4. Common Sense Media: Common Sense Media covers a wide variety of topics and offers helpful advice on just about every available media platform out there. Thinking about getting your child a new game? Check out the ratings and reviews from other parents before you spend your money. You may be surprised by the content in some of the more sought after games and movies.

Parenting Tips and Advice

1. PBS Parents: PBS is awesome for a variety of reasons. They have a site dedicated to helping parents BE parents. Tips and advice ranging from birthday party ideas to headstrong teenagers and lots in between.
2. Online Safety Help: A direct link to Common Sense Media's page for privacy and internet safety help. This is a great website overall, and this area is particularly important in our ever shrinking world of online connectivity. They also have a great article on setting online behavior expectations early for children. Stay vigilant and keep asking questions about online capabilities in your children's games and devices.

Collierville Area Information

1. Collierville Area Recreation Sports: The town of Collierville's page for athletics for kids. They offer a range of sports from baseball to soccer to tennis. The contact information and registration information is available as well.