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Welcome to 4th and 5th Grade Co-Teach


We are very excited to be co-teaching reading and math this school year as well as providing small group intervention as needed! The purpose of this page is so that our students and their parents stay connected to what is taking place in the Co-teaching classrooms of 4th /  5th grade. 


In 4th grade, I am co-teaching Reading/ Language Arts with Mrs. Peeper’s homeroom class.  I will also be working very closely with Mrs. Peeper's homeroom when they rotate to Mrs. Grayer for Math. I will also work with students from the Peeper / Grayer team during their intervention time. 


.In 5th grade, I am co-teaching Reading / Language Arts with Mrs.  Church's homeroom class. I will also be working vey closely with Mrs. Church's homeroom when they rotate to Mrs. Pendergrass for Math.  I will also work with students from the Church / Pendergrass team during their intervention time.


You can go to Crosswind's home page, and it will direct you to Mrs. Peeper's, Mrs. Grayer's, Mrs. Church's or Mrs. Pendergras' home pages. You will find class homework and class activities on their home pages. 


Classwork / Homework

I will not assign any additional classwork / homework, but will check behind the students to be sure they are keeping up with classroom assignments and homework.  We are  all recommending  that your child reads every night and review any class notes taken in class.


If you need to get in touch with me, you may send me an email at jharris@colliervilleschools.org. You may also call the office and leave a message so I can return your phone call. Remember my door is always open. I will do whatever I can to make this a successful year for all of my students and their parents.

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