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Use this page for more information about our math program
This week we are:
*Finishing up equivalent expressions. Equivalent expressions can be written several ways. Some of them are:
The equations on each side of the = sign do not have to have the same numbers. They do have to equal the same amount.
*Working on commutative property. 1+4 = 5 just as 4+1=5 The order of the addends does not matter. This is a concept we have been noticing as we've worked on other math concepts, so I will not spend a lot of time on it as they understand it.
*Beginning to learn our doubles facts.
My goal in this instruction is for every student to have a deep understanding of math concepts. Since school began, we've worked on addition to 10 in many ways. Working with the facts in many ways gives students an opportunity to develop a deep understanding of them.
We have also started working on Math Sprints. They are not quizzes, tests, or graded. Each student is working to complete more facts than the day before. They are not created in a way that students will finish all of the facts in the time given. If they could complete them all in a short amount of time, then they would have mastered them and we would move on to harder facts. Encourage your child to do his/her best and use the strategy they've learned to help them, counting on, mentally if possible. Using their fingers slows them down.