The APEX Experience


            Students who qualify for APEX come to the APEX classroom for 1 hour, 5 times a week to work on advanced and enriched coursework. The students are pulled during the intervention hour, so they do not miss any regular class time. As APEX teachers, we take a look at the grade level standards and the students’ current levels of performance. We blend those two elements to create an appropriately advanced and enriched curriculum. Utilizing research, group work, flexible grouping, entrance and exit slips, as well as many other best practices, we encourage children to access and apply higher level thinking skills. Our program is primarily math and language arts focused, however we do some cross-curricular projects covering math and science. We try to avoid assigning too much homework. Our program is about supplanting that hour intervention that our students do not need with a rigorous curriculum that will help foster a love and excitement for learning.


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