Crosswind Elementary School

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iPads for Crosswind's 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students


The Technology Department of Collierville Schools has been preparing for the upcoming deployment of student devices in grades 3-5.  Deployment for Crosswind students will follow a 2-step process. 


1. Training-parents and students will view a brief video and complete an online form (in lieu of parent meetings at the school).  The video can be viewed at


2. Elementary student iPads will be available at school on the dates below.  Technology department staff will work in teams at the school during these dates/times to deploy iPads.

               Elementary Grade 5-devices will be delivered to classrooms for students (no pickup is

                   required) Monday, August 7

               Elementary Grades 3 & 4-devices will be delivered to classrooms for students (no

                   pickup is required) during the week of September 24


For additional information and FAQs, go to