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Principal's Message

My name is Dr. Andre Crafford and I'm currently the principal of Crosswind Elementary, one of Collierville's great elementary schools. I have been a member of the Crosswind team since 2016 and I'm excited and looking forward to the upcoming year!
At Crosswind, we provide many diverse learning opportunities and embrace an environment that allows our staff, parents, and community to collaborate and communicate with each other to support and grow the educational programs in our building and directly affect our students.
As a building leader, I bring a philosophy of positive, consistent discipline, high expectations, and communication that reach beyond the building and out into the community.  I set high expectations for students as well as for staff and myself.  Each year, our school's goals are built around increasing every student's achievement and growth through effective instructional strategies and monitoring in both academics and behavior.
Lastly, I have an uncompromising view that all students and staff can learn when given a positive and caring learning environment.  We want to make school enjoyable, safe, and exciting-if students and staff look forward to attending school, they all will be great learners!
I am looking forward to a fun and successful year focused on T-L-C (Teaching the children, Loving the children, and Caring for all children!). I personally want to thank you for sharing your child(ren) with us!
It’s great to be a part of Crosswind-Where Children Come First!
Dr. Andre Crafford, Principal


Optional Learning at Home for Students Featured Photo

Optional Learning at Home for Students

This is the school district's first week of providing optional resources, and a work in progress. We will continue to improve the presentation and content every week for the duration of our closure. Parents and Students, you will find optional, non-graded resources for you to use and enjoy at home by clicking on the title above or on the Collierville Schools website.
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School Closure Notice

At Governor Lee's request, Collierville Schools will extend the current closure through April 24th. Please continue to check the Collierville Schools website for future closure announcements. -- Gary Lilly, Director of Schools