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Mission & Vision

Our Mission Statement
The mission of Crosswind Elementary School is to provide each student with exceptional learning opportunities that will result in academic proficiency and advancement necessary to prepare them for future challenges.
Our Vision
The vision of Crosswind Elementary School is to create an enriched environment for all stakeholders and to provide students with optimal academic experiences as well as life skills to become productive and responsible citizens in our global society.
Our Beliefs
• Student learning in a safe environment is paramount at Crosswind Elementary.
• Student learning is a partnership between the school, home and community.
• Relating student learning to life experiences increases student interest and comprehension.
• Respect, honesty and truthfulness help students become good citizens.
• Teachers encourage students to be self-motivated learners who have decision making skills which provide them the ability to communicate and use logical reasoning.
• Positive relationships between teachers, parents and students encourage self-discipline.
• A variety of instruction and assessment tools is essential for students to effectively demonstrate growth and experience success.
• Students perform best when objectives and expectations are shared prior to evaluating performance.
• District, state, and federal policies are followed by Crosswind Elementary School stakeholders.